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Over the years, there hasn't been too much that we haven't seen or done. We welcome new opportunities, and we are always anxious to get our hands dirty developing cost-effective solutions to new fluid cooling challenges. Please talk with us if your application is in one of the following markets: Laser, Machine Tool, Medical, Food, Chemical, Heat Treat, Filtration, Semi-Conductor, Welding, Vapor Degreasing, Power Generation or Dry Cleaning.Markets Served - Companies

Common fluids that our chillers hold at a constant temperature include: water, water/glycol, oil, acid, EDM fluids and gasoline. You'll find our chillers cooling equipment such as: lasers, MRI and PET scanners, machine tool cutting and grinding fluids, machine tool spindles, water jet pumps and tanks, and vapor degreasers. Chillers are used for everything from cooling bread dough to condensing vapor.

University Partners

Fluid Chillers, Inc. offers university discounts and partnership programs.
Some of our current progams are with the following:

University Partners

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