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Our standard and custom systems are used in a variety of different applications.

Laser Welding Chillers and Laser Cutting Chillers:

Industrial Lasers have special cooling requirements and demand prompt service response times. Through our talented engineering staff we not only meet the customer’s specifications but exceed their expectations. Laser chillers are available in both single and dual circuit designs. Low KW medical laser chillers available as well.

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Cannabis Processing/CBD Oil Extraction

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Brewery & Distillery 

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Traditional Welding Chillers and Spot Welding Chillers:

Our closed loop Systems are designed to improve quality and extend equipment life. Aluminum and steel spot welding chillers are in-stock and available for immediate shipment. Resistance welding chillers (both Central Chiller Systems and Portable Chiller units) are readily available, too.


Metal Working Fluid Filtration Chillers, Metal Working Fluid Chillers, & Spindle Chillers:

We have Standard and Custom units for all oil and water soluble machining fluids. We can provide cleanable heat exchanges for dirty coolants. Metal working fluid filtration chillers is one of our areas of expertise.

Medical Chillers, MRI Chillers, Medical Laser Chillers & Medical Cooling Systems:

Fluid Chillers is able to provide the quality and durability that this industry requires. Fluid Chillers produces MRI Chillers and chillers for P.E.T. scanners. Medical chillers are used in various applications in hospitals and testing facilities

Specialized Fluid Chillers, Chemical Chillers, & Gas Chillers:

Fluid Chillers privides solutions for a wide array of custom applications.

Marine Chillers and Oil Rig Chillers

Fluid Chillers has the engineering experience to provide chillers to these specialized industries.  We provide Marine Chillers for: Coast guard, military and fishing vessels.
Our Oil Rig Chillers are designed to operate in the harshest of environments.

Water Jet Cutting Chillers and Turret Punch Press Chillers

Fluid Chillers provides packaged chillers and portable chillers for water jet and turret punch press systems.  Our chillers are designed and built to provide the customer with the most reliable cooling system available.  Fluid Chillers is known in our industry for having very low downtime.

Food Processing, Beer Chillers, Dairy Chillers, Wine Chillers, Food Grade Cooling System

Fluid Chillers engineers and builds chillers for these industries.  If required, chillers can be designed to withstand daily washdowns and our food chillers can be manufactured from stainless steel if desired.  Fluid Chillers provides the highest quality and most reliable chillers in the industry.  We manufacture: Bakery chillers, Cooling tunnels, Cool air blow-off modules, and systems to cool various other applications inside a food plant.

Fluid Chillers, Inc.  has the specialized products, knowledge and experience to supply:  Beer chillers, soda/pop chillers, milk chillers, juice chillers, and wine chillers (individual or centralized systems). Give us a chance to demonstrate how we can help you.