Rental Chillers

Fluid Chillers, Inc. maintains a full line of rental chillers ready for immediate shipment. 
We have large air cooled chillers that are trailer mounted ready for immediate delivery.

  • In Stock Sizes from 1- 100 ton Air Cooled

Please Call to check our current inventory of rental chillers


Used Chillers

Fluid Chillers, Inc. always has an inventory of used chillers. 

  • Capacities usually range from 1 ton to 100 tons.

Please Call ahead for inventory listings and availability *Note: Inventory Changes Weekly.Please Call!


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AIR1000(Air Cooled)

  • 12,000 BTU/Hr Capacity
  • Pump to deliver 4gpm @50PSI
  • 230/1 Voltage
  • 6mo Warranty Included


WAT0500 (Water Cooled)

  • Water Cooled Chiller
  • 6000 BTU/Hr Capacity
  • Pump to deliver 4gpm @50PSI
  • 230/1 Voltage


WAT3000 (Water Cooled)

  • Water Cooled Condenser
  • 41,000 BTU/Hr Capacity
  • Pump to deliver 18gpm
    @28PSI to process
  • 460/3 Voltage


AIR5000 (Air Cooled)

  • 61,000 BTU/Hr Capacity
  • Pump to deliver 18gpm @38PSI
  • 460/3 Voltage


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AIR10000 (Air Cooled)

  • 132,000 BTU/Hr Capacity
  • Pump Delivers 38gpm @38PSI
  • 480/3 Voltage


AIR 100,000(Air Cooled)

100 Ton Air Cooled with Integrate tank and pumping system

Call for Pricing

AIR20000 (Air Cooled)

260,000 BTU/Hr Capacity

Call for Pricing

AIR50000 (Air Cooled)

Pump set up for 80GPM @60PSI

Call for Pricing

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$ 3210.00


$ 5499.00


Please Call For Pricing