Brewery & Distillery Chillers

Fluid Chillers Inc. is a leader in the brewery, winery and distillery markets. We make a full line of products for:
  • Fermentation tank cooling 
  • Low temperature crash cooling 
  • Cleanable stainless steel heat exchangers 
  • Tap chillers 
  • Temperature control units, so you can serve beer and other beverages at different temperatures with same chiller
  • Cold storage rooms 
We have manufactured systems all around the globe in these industries. Our cooling systems can be found in the largest or smallest producers around the world. Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-CHILLER to discuss your options and let us assist you with the design of your process cooling system. 
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Glycol Chillers for Brewery and Distillery Applications

Fluid Chillers Inc. is an industry leader in providing chiller systems to the brewery and distilling markets. 

Our company can work with you on sizing your system system. We can also make recommendations on how to plan for the future expansion. 

Products for Brewery and Distillary Markets:

  • Indoor and outdoor air cooled glycol chillers
  • Low temperature models for crash cooling
  • Individual temperature control units for customers utilizing a single chiller for multple 
  • Air Coils that are installled inside cold storage rooms that are fed from the main chiller

Tank Crash Cooling

Tank Volume (BBL)

Cool Down Time (HR)


Fluid Chillers utilizes additional information for specific sizing requirement but this graph will provide you a guideline. Factors such as: ambient temperature, insulated tank, heat transfer methods, future expansion, all play a part in the correct sizing of your specific cooling system.  

*We do make module chillers you can add cooling capacity to as your buisness grows.

Fermentation Tank Cooling

The process of fermentation will add heat to your storage tank. 

The chart below is an estimate of load generated by the fermentation process.

Normally fermentation tanks are held around room tempature (70° F)

 Tank Size (BBL) 

Heat Load (BTU/Hour)

7 760
10 920
15 1,200
20 1,300
30 1,600
40 1,900

Brite Tank Cooling

Brite tanks are normaly held at around 32°F with a 70°F ambient condition

Assuming isulated tank

 Tank Size (BBL) 

Heat Load (BTU/Hour)

7 420
10 600
15 900
20 1,200
30 1,800
40 2,400

After review of this information, please feel free to contact a factory specialist to assit in your project. 

517-484-9190 or 1-800-Chiller